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It is our endeavor to provide up to date information on this quickly expanding technology. In addition, we will be adding links to other related sites and tools to help you get up and running quickly. 

Web Video conferencing both for personal use and for business is relatively new to the Internet. There have been great strides in the technology used over the last couple years, allowing the price to reach a point most business’ and even individuals can afford to send audio and video over the internet.

Web Videoconferencing allows people located in different locations to meet and communicate much the same as if they were in the same room. There are a number of different tools and technologies that can be used to accomplish this, ranging from complex and expensive to rather simple and low cost.

Webcasting and Webinars

Another common way business use video is for Webcasting and Webinars. This technology uses streaming video to create classroom settings where the business can instruct and interact with views. These events can be prerecorded or done in a live setting where participants are able to ask questions and receive answers in real time. Software is available to help you small webcasts to full interactive webinars with professional results.

Setting up an online videoconference

There are various companies online like Mega Meeting that offer video conferencing services. The best thing about this is that individuals would be dealing with professionals who can assess the needs and meet thier demands. This would also be ideal for large business meetings, international conferences, etc. Many companies are already moving to a completely remote business model by taking advantage of various virtual office locations and implementing a video conferencing system to allow for important client meetings without needing a physical office location.

Hiring the services of a professional means that you would not have to do any of the hard work yourself. Trying to figure out how to set up the equipment, and rig the room with slide viewers, lights, microphones, video cameras, is not an easy task. This is why sometimes the services of a professional is required. All you need to do is pay the cost of this service!

But this type of service does not come cheap. That is why this method of videoconferencing is usually reserved for large company meetings and such, which can cover the cost of these expenditures.

A cheaper approach to videoconferencing is to use a computer, along with a webcam and software to connect to other computers. This method of online videoconferencing is usually reserved for a person to person type of interaction; since a computer offers a limited visual range, and is somewhat inferior in quality.

Who uses videoconferencing?

1. Those who have friends and family in different parts of the world, may find videoconferencing a welcome addition to their method of communicating with their loved ones. Also, those who want to make new friends from various chatroom in cyberspace, may also use this technology to have a face to face video meeting with other individuals.

2. Students who are not able to be present in class may still participate, and learn using videoconferencing. Given that this type of communication can access different locations. Students from around the world now have the opportunity to take classes that are offered elsewhere.

3. In business videoconferencing is very important. It allows people from around the world to do business with each other using web meetings. International businesses can benefit greatly from online videoconferencing. This is a much cheaper way to bring individuals together for web meetings, transactions, sales pitch, etc.

4. In addition to everyone using videoconferencing, videoconferencing has evolved, and is starting to take on a form of telepresence, where a virtual feel of a meeting can be experienced. Some businesses such as Facebook have virtual conference rooms and hotels around the world such as the Marriott have telepresence rooms available for use. Many telepresence locations are opening up around the world.

Videoconferencing Tips and Tricks:

  • Before starting an important meeting make sure that all the equipment is working.
  • Individuals should try to make an effort to speak more clearly when they are conducting a videoconference.
  • When not speaking into a microphone turn in off. This would get rid of the echoing.
  • Individuals should make sure that they set up the videoconference in a quiet place. Minimize the background noise, so communicating with the other person would be much more clearer.
  • It is usualy best to look straight into a camera when speaking. This would make it appear that you are looking at the person you are communicating with from the other end.

Videoconferencing has ushered in a new era of business communication, allowing companies to operate from anywhere on the globe conveniently. The rapid lowering of the price of the technology has made it feasible for even home and personal use.


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